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Africa’s Green Economy Summit is a deal-making platform that connects global capital with green projects from across the continent.

The theme in 2023 will be “Driving the green economy investment strategy”.

In connecting people and organisations to information and each other, the Summit brings the global investor community, project owners and business executives focused on green transport, renewable energy and clean technologies,  together with African governments, cities, and policy makers to pave the way for an inclusive green economy and a sustainable future.


A Green Economy is defined as ‘Sustainable development without degrading the environment. It is a low carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive. It does not replace sustainable development, but creates a new focus on the economy, investment, capital and infrastructure, employment and skills and positive social and environmental outcomes,’ as described by the UN Environmental Programme.

Africa can sustainably harness its existing resources to meet the growing demand for energy needed for economic development and to lift citizens out of poverty, while following a sustainable path to a net-zero future.

African cities and green-tech start-ups are spearheading the necessary change towards a just transition but require more capital to grow.

This new era presents a massive opportunity for projects to scale up and re-industrialisation, which will have a significant impact on environmental sustainability and economic growth.


  • Connect with investment projects in a start-up environment
  • Identify where the investment opportunities lie
  • Discover African cities’ needs and plans to fast track e-mobility
  • Discuss proven policy frameworks that will drive the transition in Africa
  • Be the voice for driving development on the continent


Global leaders and experts will share strategic insights on how policy, investment and innovation can be combined to support the development of the industry in Africa.

The 2-day deal-making platform will showcase investable African projects in both closed and open deal making environments. Connecting stakeholders to move the sector forward will be core to the objective of the Summit.

The interactive gathering will be followed by further networking during an off-site day of experiential activities in true Cape Town style.

The week will end with the exciting international Cape Town E-Prix, hosted for the first time in Africa.

For more info visit Africa’s Green Economy Summit website here


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Secure your attendance at Africa’s Green Economy Summit

Join us from 22 – 24 February 2023 for Africa’s first green economy summit that is part of the E Fest Cape Town.

By registering to attend, you will have access to

  • Hear from industry leaders who will share strategic insights, thought leadership and best practices on how policy, investment and innovation can be combined to support the development of the industry in Africa.
  • Investable African projects showcased in both closed and open deal-making environments.
  • A day around the beautiful Cape Town and its surroundings filled with networking opportunities from morning to evening.
  • Witness Formula E’s thrilling line-up in person, as drivers race their electric-powered cars through the streets of Cape Town.

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For more information about Africa’s Green Economy Summit, please contact:

Emmanuelle Nicholls, Project Manager, Vuka Group

Tel: +27 83 447 8410 Email: Emmanuelle.nicholls@wearevuka.com

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